23 September 2022 National Assembly Speaker Dr Vladimir Orlic in meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of France H.E. Pierre Cochard

23 September 2022 National Assembly Speaker Dr Vladimir Orlic in meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of France H.E. Pierre Cochard

Friday, 23 September 2022

National Assembly Speaker Meets with French Ambassador to Serbia: We Continue Our Cooperation

The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Dr Vladimir Orlic met today with the Ambassador of the Republic of France H.E. Pierre Cochard to discuss improving the overall cooperation between the two countries. As he opined, the traditionally close relations between the two countries are on a constant rise, primarily thanks to the personal efforts and friendship of Presidents Aleksandar Vucic and Emmanuel Macron.

Speaking of parliamentary cooperation, Dr Orlic pointed out the traditionally functioning Parliamentary Friendship Group with France in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia’s which in the previous legislature boasted almost 90 members. "I am convinced that a new one will be formed shortly and be equally numerous and active," said the National Assembly Speaker.

The constant cooperation between the two countries is reflected, as underlined by the National Assembly Speaker, in numerous joint, capital projects that greatly help the economic progress of our country, as well as that of the entire region. "I welcome all of France’s past and future investments and I would like to stress that Serbia is the best country for investment in this part of Europe," said Dr Orlic and added that the "Open Balkans" initiative, originating from Serbia and its President Vucic, is good proof of that, as it is important, not only for our country, but for all the countries participating in it.

Dr Orlic stressed that in difficult and challenging times, peace is the most important thing and a prerequisite for further cooperation and development. In that regard, he reminded the guest that Serbia’s position concerning the territorial integrity of any country is clear, unambiguous and principled. "Serbia supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all countries in the world. This is the position President Aleksandar Vucic reaffirmed in his address at the General Assembly of the United Nations, and indeed on every other occasion. The principles of international law were trampled both in 1999 and 2008 and they are still being trampled today. Failure to respect the integrity of Serbia in the case of Kosovo-Metohija is a flagrant violation of international law and the fundamental principles of the UN. We clearly communicate the position that international law must be respected in the case of Serbia and send the message that a seat in the United Nations for so-called "Kosovo" is out of the question for us", underlined the National Assembly Speaker.

Dr Orlic pointed out that the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina is at a standstill chiefly because of the irresponsible behaviour of Pristina which violates all agreements, ignores all obligations and makes unilateral moves that directly lead to escalation and endangering of the physical security of Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija. "Even in these difficult conditions and circumstances, we will remain committed to dialogue and the search for a solution that would mean preserving peace for everyone, both Serbs and Albanians," concluded Dr Orlic.

Ambassador Cochard took the opportunity to personally congratulate Dr Vladimir Orlic on being elected National Assembly Speaker and expressed satisfaction regarding future cooperation.

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