Article 252

In accordance with the Constitution and the law, MPs shall enjoy immunity from the date of verification of their mandates until the date of termination of their mandates.

Requests to approve detaining an MP in custody and requests to approve instituting of criminal proceedings or other proceedings, in which a prison sentence may be pronounced, shall be submitted by the competent authority to the Speaker of the National Assembly who communicates it to the Committee for Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues.

The Committee shall submit its report, with a proposed decision, to the National Assembly.

An MP shall be specially notified on the holding of a session of the Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues at which the issue of his/her immunity is being considered.

Article 253

Acting on a proposal of the competent committee, the National Assembly may establish the immunity of an MP who has not invoked his/her immunity, if it is required for the purpose of performance of MP’s duties.

Article 254

If an MP has invoked his/her immunity, he may not be kept in custody, not may criminal proceedings or other proceedings, in which a prison sentence may be pronounced, be conducted against him/her, without approval of the National Assembly.

Approval for detaining in custody, or the conduct of criminal or other proceedings which may carry a prison sentence, shall relate only to the criminal offence for which the request was submitted.

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