National Assembly Speaker

  • represents the National Assembly,
  • convenes National Assembly sessions and establishes the proposal of the agenda,
  • chairs National Assembly sessions,
  • convenes meetings of the National Assembly Collegium and chairs the meetings,
  • is responsible for the work in the National Assembly sessions of the and implementation of the Rules of Procedure,
  • is responsible for the timely and coordinated work of the National Assembly working bodies,
  • carries out other duties stipulated by the Law and the Rules of Procedure.

At the First (constituting) sitting of the National Assembly, on 6 Jun 2016, Member of Parliament Maja Gojkovic was elected National Assembly Speaker.

The election procedure for National Assembly Speaker is regulated by the Rules of Procedure. Under article 120 of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, the President of the Republic shall be substituted by the Speaker of the National Assembly.

All the duties and affairs of the National Assembly Speaker are coordinated by the Cabinet of the National Assembly Speaker, headed by the Chief-of-Staff.

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Tuesday, 19 September
  • 10.00 - sitting of the Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Issues (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 2)

  • 11.00 - sitting of the Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 3)

  • 12.30 - sitting of the Subcommittee for Monitoring the Agricultural Situation in the Marginal - Most Undeveloped Areas in the Republic of Serbia (South Backa Administrative District offices, 10/III Mihajla Pupina Street, Novi Sad)

  • 12.30 - the Head of Parliamentary Friendship Group with Argentina meets with the Argentinian Ambassador to Serbia (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 4)

  • 15.00 - sitting of the Committee on Education, Science, Technological Development (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 3)

  • – exhibition marking the 110th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the National Assembly House (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square)

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