Public Relations Department

Representatives of the media can obtain information on the activities and work of the National Assembly from the National Assembly’s Public Relations Department.

As you already know, as stipulated by the Law on National Assembly (Article 11) and the National Assembly Rules of Procedure (Articles 255 to 261), the work of the supreme legislative body is public and we stand ready to supply the public with all requested information on the National Assembly, as well as information not in the Assembly’s scope by discovering how best to access it. The option to follow direct broadcasts of the plenary sessions and all the sittings of the working bodies via live streaming on the Assembly’s website again attests to the public nature of the National Assembly’s work and its transparency.

The Public Relations Department also performs both annual and daily accrediting of representatives of the media that follow the work of the National Assembly. Within the organizational structure of the National Assembly, the Public Relations Department belongs to the Secretariat and is accountable for its work to the Secretary General.

You can contact us at:

  • E-mail:

  • Contact telephones:
    +38111-3026-351; 3026-352; 3026-372; 3026-373 – National Assembly House
    +38111-3026-523; 3026-524; 3026-525; 3026-526 – National Assembly Building

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wednesday, 2 december
  • 10.00 - continuation of the Fifth Sitting of the Second Regular Session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in 2020 (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square)

  • 10.30 - the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee meets with the US Ambassador to Serbia (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 2)

  • 12.00 - the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee meet with the Dutch Ambassador to Serbia, Norwegian Embassy’s Defence Attache and the Head of the NATO Military Liaison Office (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 3)

  • 12.00 - National Assembly Speaker Ivica Dacic meets with the Head of the EU Delegation to Serbia Sem Fabrizi (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, diplomatic salon of Prince Pavle Karadjordjevic)

  • 13.00 - sitting of the Security Services Control Committee (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 4)

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