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Novi Pazar


Born in 1987 in Belgrade, where he finished primary school and the Eighth Belgrade Grammar School. He continued his education in Syria at the Arabic Language Institute at "Abu Nour" University in Damascus for three years and then graduated from the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Novi Pazar, Sharia Law department, where he was declared student of the generation.

After theology, he also completed law studies at the Department of Legal Sciences of the International University in Novi Pazar, earning the title of graduate lawuer, where he defended his thesis on "Diplomacy" with the grade of ten.

He received additional education in eminent institutions such as the Washington Institute for Global Political Leaders, School of Political Studies of the Council of Europe and the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence (BFPE).

He performed several important functions and responsibilities, such as:
  • Head of the Cabinet of Mufti Academician Muammar-ef. Zukorlica and secretary in the Islamic community in Serbia;
  • spokesman for the party of the Bosniak Democratic Union of Sandzak - BDZS (currently known as the Justice and Reconciliation Party - SPP);
  • Secretary General of the Justice and Reconciliation Party;
  • Vice-President of the Justice and Reconciliation Party;
  • Deputy President of the Justice and Reconciliation Party;
  • director of the Political Academy of Justice and Reconciliation Party;
  • councillor in the Assembly of the City of Novi Pazar for two terms;
  • councillor in the Bosniak National Council (BNV) for two terms;
  • member of the Committee for Gender Equality at the Assembly of the City of Novi Pazar;
  • assistant at the Faculty of Islamic Studies;
  • assistant at the International University;
  • professor at the School of Economics and Business.
In November 2022, Edin Djerlek was appointed Minister in charge of balanced regional development in the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

From 2023 on, in addition to the position of minister, he was appointed member of the Management Board of the Republic of Serbia Development Fund, as well as many expert commissions and bodies such as the Public Services Board, Administrative Commission and the Commission for Determining Damage Caused by Natural Disasters.

President of the Serbian part of the Mixed Commission for Economic and Technical Cooperation with the State of Kuwait.

He is successfully and devotedly committed to political action, as well as humanitarian work, which especially came to the fore during the coronavirus pandemic when he and his team helped hundreds of families across the country.

Awarded the LAWLife portal for law and economy for the humanity and altruism demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Awarded a plaque for support in the work and preservation of tradition by the Union of Nurses and Technicians "Laza Lazarevic".

Participant in numerous scientific gatherings, international conferences, forums and summits around the world.

Honorary member of the Association of Lawyers "AEPA" from Belgrade.

Fluent in Arabic, English and Russian.

He is the deputy president of the Justice and Reconciliation Party.

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tuesday, 23 april
  • 14.00 - the members of the Foreign Affairs Committee meet with a delegation of the Finnish Foreign Affairs Committee (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 2)

  • 14.45 - press conference of the Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee Marina Ragus and the Chairman of the Finnish Foreign Affairs Committee Kimmo Kiljunen (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, Central Hall)

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