Sunday, 29 April 2018

Human and Minority Rights and Gender Equality Committee Chairman Congratulates International Workers' Day

The Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee on Human and Minority Rights and Gender Equality congratulated International Workers' Day (Labour Day) to all workers hoping that in the period to come we will recapture the true virtues of the labour movement, first and foremost solidarity and equality.

“The working world has changed but the wish to improve the status of workers and their rights has to remain a task of all of us if we are to build a just society, a society of contented workers. Employees keep running into problems such as mobbing, abuse of position by the employer, and especially in the case of women, not being adequately compensated for their work.

However, lack of employment remains the biggest problem. That is why the fact that employment in Serbia is on the rise and that more and more of our people get the opportunity to demonstrate their professional knowledge and experience, working abilities and skills and secure an existence for themselves and their families through their work is encouraging. We are the home of hard-working and educated people who are the engine of economic growth and development and I believe that this quality will be recognized.

That is why I expect that this year we will change our labour laws and improve workers’ rights, manage to strike a balance between labour and capital and economically contribute to social justice and dignified work for all of our citizens.”

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