19 April 2016 Opening of the exhibition “Passers By – from Cile to Belgrade” (photo: TANJUG)

19 April 2016 Opening of the exhibition “Passers By – from Cile to Belgrade” (photo: TANJUG)

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Exhibition “Passers By – from Cile to Belgrade” by Milan Cile Marinkovic at National Assembly House

Exhibition by artist Milan Cile Marinkovic entitled “Passers By – from Cile to Belgrade” was opened last night at the National Assembly House as part of Days of Belgrade.

The exhibition was opened by National Assembly Speaker Maja Gojkovic who was very pleased to see the work of Milan Cile Marinkovic exhibited as part of the event.

“These days, as we celebrate Belgrade and remember the turning points in its history, are the perfect time to establish a tie between history and modern Belgrade and again present a part of the abundant work of one of Belgrade’s most famous citizens”, said Gojkovic.

The Speaker said that just as Cile has always been proud of Belgrade and considers it a source of inspiration, so is Belgrade proud of Cile who has proved to be an excellent chronicler.

“This exhibition of 22 paintings created in this decade illustrates the life of modern and urban Belgrade – in its streets, squares, cafes and everywhere that Belgraders spend time. Cile, as a big and internationally renowned artist, has captured the characteristic spirit of Belgrade which he never forgot despite the many years he spent in Paris”, concluded Gojkovic.

Speaking of his exhibition and the Belgrade of his youth, Milan Cile Marinkovic said he was extremely pleased to be able to finally exhibit his work in the beautiful edifice of the National Assembly House. He spoke of his student days and the inspiration he found in Belgrade’s spirit.

Exhibition “Passers By – from Cile to Belgrade” will be on until 26 April after which, before the end of the year, it will also be set up in Paris.

Click here to watch the opening of the exhibition and the address of the National Assembly Speaker and the author, Milan Cile Marinkovic.

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