Supervisory Board

Within its purview, the supervisory board shall:

  • monitor the pre-election activities and point to possible irregularities in the actions of political parties, candidates and other participants in the electoral procedure;
  • control the mass media activities in applying the provisions of this Law with respect to ensuring equal conditions for the representation of the submitters of the electoral lists and candidates from the electoral lists;
  • propose measures aimed at respecting the equality of candidates in the presentation of their manifestoes;
  • address the public so as to safeguard the moral integrity of the candidates’ personality;
  • warn of the actions of political parties of the public authorities, candidates and the mass media which hinder the electoral campaign and jeopardize the equality of rights of all candidates;
  • without delay raise the initiative for instituting a relevant procedure before the competent public authorities if any of the participants in the electoral campaign incites violence by his/her behaviour or spreads national, religious or racial hatred, or calls for inequality of genders;
  • determine the number and duration of the broadcasts for equal representation of the submitters of the electoral lists, if the agreement on it between the public radio and TV broadcasting company whose founder is the Republic of Serbia, Government of the Republic of Serbia and the political parties having their MPs in the National Assembly, is not concluded in the legally foreseen period.
The board may also perform other duties in line with the law.
At the Ninth Sitting of the Second Regular Session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia in 2019, on 23 December 2019, the National Assembly adopted the Decision on the appointment of members of the Supervisory Board with the following composition:

  1. Svetislav Goncic, actor, acting director of “Vuk Karadzic” Cultural Centre,
  2. Branislav Klanscek, producer,
  3. Dr Nikola Zutic, scientific advisor,
  4. Dragan Varagic, Bachelor of Traffic Engineering,
  5. Ivana Radovanovic, Bachelor of Political Science and International Relations,
  6. Prof. Dr Branko M. Rakic, full professor,
  7. Prof. Miodrag Savovic, legal advisor,
  8. Ivona Pantelic, journalist - presenter,
  9. Jelena Milenkovic Orlic, professor of German language and literature,
  10. Aleksandar Stamatovic, opera leading man.


27 May 2020
Third Sitting of the Supervisory Board
20 May 2020
Second Sitting of the Supervisory Board
27 Febraury 2020
First Sitting of the Supervisory Board

Third Sitting of the Supervisory Board

Wednesday, 27 May 2020 |

At the third sitting, held on 27 May 2020, the members of the Supervisory Board were briefed on the reports of the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Media on their supervision of media service providers in the course of the pre-election campaign of the 21 June 2020 parliamentary elections.

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thursday, 28 may
  • 13.00 - press conference of MPs Sasa Radulovic, Branka Stamenkovic and Vojin Biljic (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, Central Hall)

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