20 May 2021 Vujadinovic and Vujovic visit Mostar

20 May 2021 Vujadinovic and Vujovic visit Mostar

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Vujadinovic and Vujovic Visit Mostar

The Chairman of the Committee on the Diaspora and Serbs in the Region Milimir Vujadinovic met today with representatives of Serbs in Mostar to discuss the position of the Serbian people and preservation of Serbian culture, language and identity in this city, assuring them that Serbia would continue to help the Serb community in the Neretva Valley.

Vujadinovic said that today's visit to Mostar was a historic moment because, finally, after the troubled 1990s, representatives of Serbian state bodies have the opportunity to meet with legitimately elected political representatives of Serbs in Mostar.

Vujadinovic stressed that Serbia is now trying to transfer all the benefits of economic progress achieved under the political leadership of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic to the Serbian people wherever they live in the region.

"Serbs are probably one of the most polycentric people in the Balkans and beyond, and we want our people to feel Serbia's progress wherever they might live," Vujadinovic said.

He reminded the hosts that Serbia finances a large number of associations in Mostar, as well as the Cathedral, which he says is the symbol of Mostar as it should be.

"The progress of the Serbian people drives the progress of those who live with it. The goal is not to segregate Serbs in any part. The goal is to help the progress of all others along with the progress of the Serbian people, that is the only way ahead", Vujadinovic concluded.

Deputy President of the Mostar City Council Velibor Milivojevic said that this was not a visit of guests but of brothers from Serbia, because today's arrival is a sign of continuity and a way in which Serbs from Serbia support Serbs in the region.

"I am sure that Serbia's support will continue and that in the coming period Mostar will be even more in Serbia’s focus", Milivojevic said.

The President of "Prosvjeta" Sanja Bjelica Sagovnovic thanked Vujadinovic and Vujovic for their visit and interest in Mostar.

She said that "Prosvjeta" and "Gusle", together with the Serbian Orthodox Church, organise numerous cultural and educational contents and work on preserving the Serbian identity in Mostar.

"Until now, we have always had the support of the Republic of Serbia in everything we do and we hope that the same will continue in the future. We are trying to give the Serbs in Mostar the place they deserve and hope that we will soon see progress in every field. We want to focus on the Serbian community in Mostar and, with the help of the Republic of Serbia, create better living conditions and environment, not only for the Serbian community, but for all the citizens of Mostar", said Bjelica Sagovnovic.

In addition to Vujadinovic, the Serbian delegation also included Radoslav Vujovic, Assistant Secretary General, Head of the Legislation Sector in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, and today's meeting was also attended by Serbian Consul in Mostar Marija Bakoc, Mostar Parish Priest Radivoje Krulj, Mostar City Council Deputy Chairman Velibor Milivojevic , President of SPKD "Prosvjeta" Mostar City Board Sanja Bjelica Sagovnovic, President of SPKUD "Gusle" Radislav Tubic, President of the Coordination of Serbs Mostar Dusan Golo and Coordination Secretary Oleg Belovic.

The meeting was held at the Bishop's Palace in Mostar, and after the meeting, Vujadinovic and Vujovic also visited the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Mostar, the reconstruction of which is assisted by the Republic of Serbia, as well as Prosvjeta’s School.

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