Monday, 20 February 2012

Sixty-First Sitting of the Committee on Health and the Family

At the sitting held on 20 February 2012, the Committee on Health and the Family reviewed the Ministry of Health Activity Information for period October-December 2011.

The sitting was attended by Minister of Health Prof. Dr Zoran Stankovic, President of the Health Council of Serbia Prof. Dr Dragan Delic, as well as representatives of the Republic Health Insurance Fund and medical chambers.

Minister Stankovic said that the health services had reacted satisfactorily during the period of natural disasters in Serbia, providing adequate treatment for the injured and sick. The Minister pointed out that health institutions were plagued by roof leaks and damages to roof constructions caused by the snow and informed the committee that their rehabilitation was underway.

Minister Zoran Stankovic added that there have been requests to extend health insurance cards even though no health insurance contributions have been paid. He stressed that the law cannot be violated and that the extension of health insurance cards must be preceded by health insurance contributions, especially in view of the already considerable debt of 84 billion RSD to the Republic Health Insurance Fund, adding that the system would collapse if it were not paid.

Following the Minister’s address, the MPs were additionally briefed on the fight against systemic corruption in healthcare, the problems in the functioning of the Serbian Dental Chamber and the reconstruction of clinical centres. The Committee members inquired about the results of the adopted health laws and asked for information on the possible lack of medications and how military health institutions were funded.

Following the discussion, the Committee on Health and the Family adopted the Ministry of Health Activity Information for period October-December 2011.

The Committee members also adopted the following Conclusion: the Committee appeals to all the state authorities to ensure appropriate medical treatment, compliant to international regulations and recommendations, to Hague detainees Jovica Stanisic and General Vladimir Lazarevic by physicians they trust and choose personally.

The Committee went on to accept to play patron to the seminar on “Innovations in Healthcare Management”, organised by Megatrend University.

The sitting was chaired by Committee Chairman Dr Paja Momcilov.

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