Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sixteenth Sitting of the Committee on Kosovo-Metohija

On 1 and 2 July, the Committee on Kosovo-Metohija held its sixteenth sitting in Strpce, AP Kosovo-Metohija.

On 1 and 2 July, the Committee on Kosovo-Metohija held its sixteenth sitting in Strpce, AP Kosovo-Metohija.

As only seven Committee members attended the sitting, there was no decision-making quorum, so the sitting was held without setting an agenda.

At the sitting, the Committee was supposed to discuss the Strategy of sustainable survival and return to Kosovo-Metohija, proposed by the Government of the Republic of Serbia. The Committee Chairman stated that no Government representatives or proposers of the Strategy answered the invitation to the sitting.

In the discussion, the representatives of the Assembly of the Community of Municipalities of AP Kosovo-Metohija, the president of Strpce Municipality and representatives of the economic sector of AP Kosovo-Metohija who attended the sitting, asked the deputies various questions about their estimate of the security situation in Kosovo-Metohija after the deployment of the EULEX Mission, the solution to the status of those who had left the so-called Kosovo police force after the unilateral declaration of Kosovo, power supply to Serbian households in the enclaves, privatisation of Brezovica tourist centre, insufficient financial investment into the economic potential in all the enclaves, prevention of illegal construction of Albanian houses on Serbian-owned land, local elections on 15 November 2009 called by the so-called Government of the Republic of Kosovo and resolution of the unemployment issue on the territory of AP Kosovo-Metohija.

The Committee Chairman accepted the invitation of the prefect of the Prizren District that the next Committee sitting be held in Orahovac.

On 2 July, the Committee members visited the Municipality of Strpce and were briefed on the current economic and political situation by its president, Zvonko Mihajlovic. He stressed that Strpce Municipality, as well as the other enclaves in Kosovo-Metohija, are put in a difficult and precarious position.

The sitting was chaired by the Committee Chairman, Ljubomir Kragovic.

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