Thursday, 1 March 2012

Seventy-First Sitting of the Committee on Science and Technological Development

At the sitting held on 1 March, the Committee on Science and Technological Development considered the Information on the cooperation between the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and scientific institutes.

The Vice President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Vidosava Dzagic emphasised the importance of the issue for Serbian society and economy considering that scientific and technological innovation provides the basis to boosting the economy’s competitiveness. She stressed that the SCC was hard at work on promoting the innovativeness of the national economy and improving the connection between science and the economy. To ensure a better connection between the economy and universities, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce signed 25 cooperation agreements with faculties.
Dzagic said that international promotion of technological advances was one of the more significant activities of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.
The Secretary of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Committee for Technological Innovation Danica Micanovic presented the SCC activities on promoting the implementation of scientific and technological innovation in domestic economy which has already helped increase its competitiveness.
The Committee members and representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce went on to discuss some legislation relating to the economy, the role of the SCC in the protection of intellectual property rights and the fact that the state should invest more into science. The Committee members stressed the need to increase the application of scientific and technological advances in the economy thus improving its competitiveness.
The sitting was chaired by Committee Chairman Srboljub Zivanovic.

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