Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Second Meeting of the Serbian Parliamentary Energy Policy Forum

At its second meeting, the Serbian Parliamentary Energy Policy Forum established the activity plan for the coming period. Dr Branislav Blazic was elected Deputy Chairman of the Forum, and three new members jointed the Forum: Vera Paunovic, Dragomir Karic and Milos Tosanic.

The members of the Forum and the guests attending the meeting shared many ideas about the manner of operation and activity plan of the Forum, such as the need to launch an initiative to amend and modify certain laws which would open up the prospects for attracting foreign investors, and what to do to boost the utilisation of biomass in Serbia. Among other things, the participants spoke about the use of traditional energy sources and establishment of serious trade in electrical power.

The Chairperson of the Forum said that, at the proposal of the German International Cooperation Institute (GIZ), a workshop would be organised in late August where experts would present the current situation concerning energy production in Serbia. This will provide an analysis both from the aspect of civil society and the aspect of state authorities.

“This will be followed by a forum where we will discuss and provide our view on the energy development strategy which is in assembly procedure. The forum will result in a proposal of recommendations and a call to debate for all relevant subjects whose opinion on the strategy we would like to hear”, said Tomic.

She announced that, in September, the Forum will meet with a delegation of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection which will be in official visit to Serbia then.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence, Confindustria, European Policy Centre and the Serbian Energy Agency Council, as well as journalists and editors of Balkanmagazin and Atlantis.

They agreed that the Serbian Parliamentary Energy Policy Forum is an ideal platform where all the stakeholders and expert capacities can meet and discuss important issues.

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