Thursday, 8 February 2018

Press Statement of European Integration Committee Chairman Nenad Canak

The Nazi salutes in the centre of Belgrade on Sunday were an insult and new blow to all the victims of fascism in the country and those who paid fighting it with their lives.

At the same time, the incident definitely delivered a heavy blow to our country’s European integration efforts. Anti-fascism is built into the very foundations of the European Union and the Nazi salutes in the centre of Belgrade are certainly not good news. The fact that similar scenes can be seen in some of the EU member states does not mean that the EU is ready to tolerate them. I am sure it is even less ready to tolerate such incidents in a state striving to join it.

A repeat of scenes such as this one would have a detrimental effect on the pace of European integration, and possibly the very European future of the country. That is yet another reason why the Republic of Serbia and its institutions have to show unequivocally that fascism is not welcome in our country.

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