14 December 2015 Participants of the panel discussion on “Argentina in light of modern politics”

14 December 2015 Participants of the panel discussion on “Argentina in light of modern politics”

Monday, 14 December 2015

National Assembly House Hosts Panel Discussion on “Argentina in Light of Modern Politics”

The National Assembly House hosted a panel discussion on “Argentina in light of modern politics” on 14 December.

The topics of the discussion were Serbia and Argentina: bilateral relations and interparliamentary cooperation, Characteristics of the Argentine election system and Elections 2015: Argentina today.

The gathering was opened by the Head of the Parliamentary Friendship Group with Argentina Dr Vladimir Orlic who said that today’s discussion was dedicated to the rich history of relations between Serbia and Argentina, always filled with mutual respect and support, and following an upward trend.

Orlic said that the different aspects of the cooperation with Argentina become ever deeper and richer with every successive meeting. “When we meet, we always think about how to strengthen cultural, scientific and economic cooperation and strive to send a common message. Today, we would like to invite the Argentine Parliament to set up a friendship group with Serbia, which our PFG with Argentina would love to develop close cooperation with”, said the MP.

On the occasion, Orlic thanked Argentina for its principled position on the Kosovo-Metohija issue, i.e. the fact that it did not recognise the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo-Metohija, and that it did not endorse Pristina’s UNESCO bid at the General Conference.

The Head of the PFG with Argentina also took the opportunity to thank Argentina for its support of Serbia’s Euro-integration, pointing out that today is a truly important day for the Republic of Serbia and its Euro-integration – the day when the first negotiation chapters are officially opened at the intergovernmental conference in Brussels and Serbia enters a new, meaningful stage of talks with Europe.

Orlic also spoke about the recent parliamentary and presidential elections in Argentina, saying that Serbia had been granted a great honour at the inauguration of President Mauricio Macri, and the presence of President Tomislav Nikolic, as the only head of state from the European continent, once again reaffirmed the excellent cooperation between the two countries.

The assembly was also addressed by the Ambassador of the Republic of Argentina in Serbia, H.E. Ricardo Fernando Fernandez who said that the focus of today’s gathering is a general overview of Argentine politics, its political and election system, and the specificities of the Argentine people who have, after 200 years of independence, become a dynamic nation which invests considerable effort into making sure its citizens live better each and every day.

Among other things, he said that he expected today’s discussion to boost and strengthen the cooperation between the different segments of Argentine and Serbian society. “Argentina is an independent country that shares a great many values and beliefs with the brotherly Serbia people. These values of course include commitment to democracy and the rule of law, daily efforts invested into the development of civil rights and the wish for social progress”.

In terms of peace and security at the international level, Argentina is obliged to respect the tenets of international law, said Ambassador Fernandez, also mentioning the mutual support of the Serbian and Argentine governments and people.

He stressed that, pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1244, Kosovo-Metohija is a territory administered by the United Nations within the Republic of Serbia which is why the Republic of Argentina does not recognise the unilateral declaration of independence of 2008 and considers it a breach of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Prof. Dr Zoran Kostic of the Faculty of Political Sciences spoke about the characteristics of the Argentine election system and the assembly was also addressed by Danilo Pantovic of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Besides the Head of the PFG with Argentina Dr Vladimir Orlic, MPs Mirjana Andirc, Branka Bosnjak, Vladan Milosevic and Prof. Dr Branko Djurovic took part in the ensuing discussion.

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