Monday, 7 April 2014

MP Vesna Marjanovic Elected Vice-Chairperson of PACE Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media

At the April session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, MP Vesna Marjanovic was elected Vice-Chairperson of the international organisation’s Committee on Culture, Science, Education and Media.

Vesna Marjanovic was elected as the candidate of the PACE Socialist Group to replace Mogens Jensen, Danish Social Democratic Party MP, who was in the meantime elected minister in the Danish Government.
Marjanovic will continue to serve as rapporteur for the Council of Europe museum of the year award. While still a Committee member, she also reported on Europe’s endangered cultural heritage, which was recently adopted by the Standing Committee in Paris. She has also served as Vice-Chairperson of the Sub-Committee on Culture, Diversity and Heritage and is currently preparing a report on Culture and Democracy.

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wednesday, 26 june
  • 10.00 - continuation of the 12th Extraordinary Session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, 11th legislature (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square)

  • 10.00 - the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee meets with the Chairperson of the Diaspora and Caucasus Issues Committee of the Georgian Parliament (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, hall 2)

  • 11.00 - the members of the PFG with China meet with the Chinese Ambassador to Serbia (National Assembly House, 13 Nikola Pasic Square, Small Hall)

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