Thursday, 10 November 2016

I Will Not Allow the Work of Committee or National Assembly to Be Scandalised, Says Marinika Tepic

The sitting of the National Assembly’s European Integration Committee, where the Head of the EU Delegation in Belgrade Ambassador Michael Davenport was invited to present the European Commission 2016 Progress Report on Serbia, was adjourned today and postponed till further notice, until the conditions for normal operation are met, Committee Chairperson Marinika Tepic informed the Committee members after hours of destruction, she explained, of the MPs of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS).

“I can understand political reasons, even the MPs’ legitimate means to obstruct the work of the parliament and its bodies, but this was not obstruction, it was destruction. One of the reasons brought forth – that there is no Serbian translation of the Report – could have been overcome during the sitting itself as Ambassador Davenport was prepared to present the Report in Serbian. However, the intention and dominantly mentioned objective of the SRS MPs, as they said, to prevent Ambassador Davenport from ever addressing the National Assembly, is actually the real reason for the destruction and, it is my deep belief, the SRS MPs will persevere in their intention when the sitting is continued. Therefore, I will ask the National Assembly Speaker, Mrs. Maja Gojkovic, for protection for both the Committee and Ambassador Davenport who was warned to leave the National Assembly edifice as soon as possible. That is a scandal which can never again be allowed no matter who our guest might be, and Ambassador Davenport had come at my invitation as a guest to present the Report”, said Tepic.

“I would like to again mention that I have appealed to the SRS MPs on several occasions not to abuse my principled stance not to issue warnings and revoke their right to the floor because I myself am an opposition MPs and believe that reprimands are not the way we should communicate, especially not in the European Integration Committee.

As Chairperson of the European Integration Committee I will not allow any of the MPs to scandalise the work of the Committee and the institution of the National Assembly and insult its dignity”, Tepic concluded.

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