27 April 2023 First meeting of the National Assembly Economic Caucus

27 April 2023 First meeting of the National Assembly Economic Caucus

Thursday, 27 April 2023

First Meeting of National Assembly Economic Caucus

The constituting meeting of National Assembly Economic Caucus, 13th Legislature, held in the National Assembly House, was opened by MP Dr Aleksandra Tomic.

At the first meeting of the National Assembly Economic Caucus, held on 27 April 2023, the attending considered the expected reforms in the field of construction (Draft Law amending and modifying the Law on Planning and Construction with special focus on the provisions governing conversion, Draft Law amending and modifying the Law on the Procedure of Registration in the Real Estate Cadastre and Utility Cadastre, Draft Law amending and modifying the Law on State Survey and Cadastre, regulation of the legalisation procedure).

NALED Executive Director Violeta Jovanovic expressed her satisfaction that the amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction were on the first agenda of the Economic Caucus because it was this regulation that was the reason for the large and successful reform NALED implemented in cooperation with the construction sector in 2015/16, opening a new era in the work of public administration through the introduction of digitalisation and electronic solutions for the better efficiency, transparency and functioning of many state institutions.

NALED Competitiveness and Investments Department Director Dusan Vasiljevic also emphasised the importance of today's discussion, not only because this set of laws is expected to soon be on the agenda of the plenum, but also because, as NALED estimates, the real estate sector is the largest unused development potential of Serbia.

"Serbia has real estate worth tens of billions of euros practically outside the formal market, which is why we need an administrative cork so that it can be introduced into the market and put to productive use," said Vasiljevic.

He pointed out that highest expectations are pinned on the introduction of E-space, because it will enable everyone to apply for locations and plans they find interesting and get all the relevant information in real time.

As part of the "Construction and Investments" presentation, the attending learned what the Draft Law amending and modifying the Law on Planning and Construction is bringing, which is the introduction of E-space, as well as the elements of the "green agenda", i.e.:

- improvement of provisions on energy efficiency;
- introduction of the term "green construction" with the issuance of certificates;
- support for the concept of electromobility;
- specification of the provisions concerning the construction of solar parks;
- register of brownfield locations;
- mandatory connection to the existing infrastructure, free of charge;
- cancellation of conversion with a fee and
- assumption of competence by the Republic in case of silence from the local self-government.

In the course of the meeting, the attending members of the Economic Caucus and MPs lead a constructive discussion on topics of interest with experts in the field of construction: Prof. Dr Milos Zivkovic of the Faculty of Law, lawyer Djordje Vukotic and representative of company Neoplanta Aleksandar Vujosevic, as well as representatives of the Institute for Development and Innovation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

The Head of the Economic Caucus MA Ninoslav Eric thanked the participants for a successful meeting, emphasising the importance of the presence of representatives of the executive power at future meetings in order to jointly find the best solutions to improve the legal framework in the field of construction.

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