29 March 2016 Deputy Speaker Arsic and MP Marijan Risticevic in meeting with the representatives of CRRC

29 March 2016 Deputy Speaker Arsic and MP Marijan Risticevic in meeting with the representatives of CRRC

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Deputy Speaker Arsic and MP Marijan Risticevic Meet with CRRC Representatives

National Assembly Deputy Speaker Veroljub Arsic and MP Marijan Risticevic met today at the National Assembly House with representatives of the Chinese company CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive.

On the behalf of CRRC, Deputy Director Fu Yumping thanked Government of the Republic of Serbia for the fair conditions it ensured for the participation in the Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant tender. She said she was pleased that their company won the tender and promised that CRRC would deliver the best electric locomotives to Serbia. Fu Yumping briefed the hosts on the mode of operation and production capacities of her company - the world biggest manufacturer of electric locomotives.

“We have big plans and expectations for the Serbian market, primarily because of Serbia’s geo-strategic location, as well as its highly skilled workforce. This is just the beginning and I hope we will further our two countries’ friendly relations by developing business and industrial cooperation”, said Fu Yumping.

Deputy Speaker Arsic said he was pleased that CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive had signed a contract with Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant, adding that the Serbian Government had done all in its power to ensure full compliance with tender procedures and that Serbia is a country where the rule of law is duly observed. He stressed that Serbia had the opportunity to learn about Chinese technologies in the past years, such as bridge and road construction and the reconstruction and construction of railways. As the biggest Chinese and Serbian investment in the country, Arsic emphasised the construction of the thermal power plant and expansion of the open-pit mines in Kostolac. He believes that Serbia and China are about to enter a period of intensive cooperation:

“I am well aware of China’s plan on the new “silk road” and I know Serbia’s place on it. If we consider the efforts Serbia is putting into the reconstruction of its road infrastructure and China’s plans to take part in our market, I believe that we will enjoy extensive and exceptional cooperation in the coming period”, said Arsic.

He stressed that in the last two years regulations have created equal opportunities for all who wish to invest into Serbia.

“China has recognised this and is now one of the biggest investors into Serbia. It had also recognised that Serbia is the political and regional centre of this part of Europe, and confirmed it in 2014 by organising the Third Summit of China and 16 Central and Eastern European Countries”, stressed Arsic. He added that it is the Serbian Government’s wish not only to cooperate with China in this part of Europe, but for the two countries to jointly venture onto third markets as well. Deputy Speaker Arsic stressed that EU membership is Serbia’s political goal, reminding the guests that some of the negotiation chapters have already been opened and that the negotiations are expected to be completed in the next three to four years, by which any company in Serbia could reap the economic benefits of such a large market as the European Union.

MP Marijan Risticevic said he was pleased by the contract with Nikola Tesla Thermal Power Plant because it enabled the Serbian Government to save almost half a million euros, which is how much the Chinese offer was lower than that of the company that came in second in the tender. However, he wanted to know whether the Chinese company was interested in, besides trading on our market, launching production in Serbia through national enterprises. He hoped that CRRC would also take part in the modernisation of the Serbian railway.

“Serbia is a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe so the modernisation of its railway is in everybody’s interest and I hope you will also take part in it”, stressed Risticevic.

The CRRC Deputy Director said that the company wants to invest into Serbian companies which could manufacture spare parts, as that it is the company’s practice in many of the countries where it does business. As an example she mentioned Malaysia where local businesses maintain the locomotives and manufacture spare parts, and whose staff is 90% local.

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