26 January 2023 The participants of the public hearing

26 January 2023 The participants of the public hearing

Thursday, 26 January 2023

Bills to Allow Adjustment with the Act Amending the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia Presented at Public Hearing

Today the National Assembly hosted a public hearing with the topic: "Presentation of bills to be passed with the aim of adjustment to the Act amending the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, verified at the republic referendum on 16 January 2022, organised by the Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Issues.

The public hearing was opened by National Assembly Speaker Dr Vladimir Orlic who stressed that these bills are the final phase of the judiciary reform begun in 2022 with the change of the Constitution.

"The bills have already entered procedure. All the conditions have been met to discuss them and by adopting them affirm all accomplished. In this way, we a great and important job to an end - raising democratic standards in the Republic of Serbia to the highest level to date, which is recognised and welcomed by Europe and the world," said the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

He opined that the entire judicial reform process was transparent and took into account all the suggestions and comments that would improve it further. The importance of the aforementioned reform, he added, is reflected in preventing the recurrence of the catastrophic moves we had in the past, in strengthening the citizens' trust in their country and its institutions, as well as in all the existing and future investments in our country. "We will continue to work, to pursue a state policy that has full legitimacy and the strong support by the people, expressed not only in the referendum, but embodied in the record results of the presidential and parliamentary elections as well. This is a policy of a better, stronger and more successful Serbia," concluded Dr Orlic.

Minister of Justice Maja Popovic thanked the working groups that drafted this set judiciary bills, stating that the entire procedure was transparent and inclusive. This was also the opinion of the Venice Commission, which gave positive comments to the text of the bills, Popovic said. The Minister of Justice stated that strengthening the capacity of judiciary independence and autonomy of public prosecutors is in the best interest of the citizens of Serbia, so that we can all live in a legally secure country. A safe legal environment ensures the arrival of foreign investors which in turn leads to further progress and increases in GDP, Maja Popovic concluded.

The public hearing was attended by the members of the Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Issues and other MPs, professors of the law faculties of the universities in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac and Kosovska Mitrovica, judges of the Supreme Court of Cassation, Administrative Court, Commercial Appellate Court, Misdemeanour Appellate Court and appellate courts, public prosecutors of the Republic Public Prosecutor’s Office, Public Prosecutor’s Office for Organised Crime, Public Prosecutor’s Office for War Crimes and appellate public prosecutor’s offices, members of the High Judicial Council and State Prosecutorial Council, members of the working groups for the drafting of judicial laws, representatives of professional associations and non-governmental organisations, as well as representatives of the diplomatic corps and international organisations.

Concluding the public hearing after the discussion, the Chairperson of the Committee on Constitutional and Legislative Issues Jelena Zaric Kovacevic said that the adoption of these laws would be the final touch crowning the work done on our legal system and raise the rule of law in our country to an even higher level.

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