29 November 2023 Prof. Dr Marko Atlagic at the solemn academy marking International Students' Day

29 November 2023 Prof. Dr Marko Atlagic at the solemn academy marking International Students' Day

Wednesday, 29 November 2023

Atlagic at Solemn Academy Marking International Students' Day

Prof. Dr Marko Atlagic, Chairman of the Committee on Education, Science, Technological Development and the Information Society, spoke today at the solemn academy marking International Students' Day and welcomed the attending on behalf of National Assembly Speaker Dr Vladimir Orlic, and on his own behalf.

"This evening dedicated to International Students' Day gives us the opportunity to emphasise the importance of upbringing, education and science for the development of our society," said Atlagic. He wished the students that they acquire as much knowledge and skills as they can during their studies, because without knowledge and education there is no progress in society. He pointed out that the Republic of Serbia attaches special importance to upbringing and education, because these are the only tools with which Serbia can progress and that the character of not only an individual and a country, but the whole continent can be changed through upbringing and education.

"Honoured students, you are the bearers of innovations that move society forward, that is why we must learn and keep learning, because knowledge is human capital for the future. Knowledge is the only way toward the new strength Serbia needs and that new strength is you", underlined the Committee Chairman, adding that when we arm ourselves with knowledge and education, we will have generations that will not run away from problems, but will solve them.

He reminded the attending that Serbia, led by the country's president Aleksandar Vucic, has built four science and technology parks, founded an institute for artificial intelligence, introduced the basics of artificial intelligence in primary schools, becoming one of 11 countries in the world to do this. He also pointed to the fact that the Republic of Serbia founded the BioSens Institute in Novi Sad and is the only country outside the European Union that has done so. "The State of Serbia is doing everything it can to make education and upbringing more accessible and of better quality. Each of you, students, has the opportunity to improve professionally, change Serbia and yourself, under the rush of new knowledge," Atlagic told the crowd.

Atlagic concluded his address by saying that the accelerated modernisation of the Republic of Serbia is one of the pillars of our path to the future, a path that is not easy, but it is honourable, libertarian, path of military neutrality. "That Serbian path of ours was laid out by the citizens of the Republic of Serbia and our President Aleksandar Vucic, because they know very well that you do not get home taking someone else's way, but by your own. Long live Serbia.”

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