Thursday, 11 October 2018

23rd Sitting of the Security Services Control Committee

At the sitting held on 11 October 2018 and closed to the public, the Security Services Control Committee considered and adopted the Inspector General of the Ministry of Defence Services Activity Report.

The Inspector General inspected the implementation of special procedures and measures for the collection of confidential data in the remit of the directors, Higher and Supreme Court of Cassation in five centres of the Military Intelligence and Military Security agencies. The special procedures and measures inspected were implemented in line with legally established procedures.

The Committee gave its full support to the Inspector General and praised the work and activities the Inspector General implemented to ascertain the legality and regularity of the work of the Ministry of Defence security services. This type of control is important from the aspect of advancing the legality and regularity of the work of the security agencies and the measures proposed by the Inspector General contribute to their further advancement.

In the previous period the Security Services Control Committee and the Inspector General achieved full cooperation through the reports on inspections conducted which the Inspector General submits to the Committee for consideration. This cooperation is an important element of civil and democratic control of the Ministry of Defence services which contributes to the further advancement of their efficiency legality of operation.

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