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Vrnjacka Banja

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

15th Sitting of the Committee on Human and Minority Rights and Gender Equality

The Committee on Human and Minority Rights and Gender Equality held a sitting on 18 November in Vrnjacka Banja, with the support of the OSCE Mission to Serbia.

18 November 2014 Participants of the sitting

18 November 2014 Participants of the sitting

At the 15th sitting, the Committee members discussed the role of the gender equality mechanisms and the relevant authorities’ following the appropriate protocols when dealing with cases of violence against women in the family or partnership.

Committee Chairman Meho Omerovic said that the Committee sitting had been organised with the help of the Ombudsman and the OSCE Mission to Serbia. He opined that what plays a key role in achieving gender equality and preventing violence against women is an efficient and competently implemented legislative framework, preventive measures and elimination of the causes of such violence. The Committee Chairman stressed the need to raise awareness on improving the position of women in all spheres of life and to coordinate all the segments of society in the effort to help women face the problem of violence.

The officials discussed the position of women and the extent to which gender equality is respected in local self-governments. They agreed that all segments of society should focus their attention on preventing violence against women, children and persons with disabilities. They underlined the importance of empowering women, educating the society in general and the role of local gender equality mechanisms.

In addition to the Committee members, the sitting was attended by the Ombudsman’s gender equality chief, representatives of the municipalities of Vrnjacka Banja and Novi Pazar, representatives of the welfare offices of Nis, Kraljevo, Krusevac and Vrnjacka Banja, representatives of the gender equality council from Novi Pazar and Kraljevo, representatives of the police administrations of Kraljevo and Krusevac and the non-governmental sector.

The sitting was chaired by Committee Chairman Meho Omerovic.

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