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Friday, 12 November 2010

Twenty-Eighth Sitting of the Culture and Information Committee

On 12 November, the Culture and Information Committee held a sitting at the Jozef Nadj Regional Creative Atelier in Kanjiza.

On 12 November, the Culture and Information Committee held a sitting at the Jozef Nadj Regional Creative Atelier in Kanjiza. The Committee considered the methods to present Serbia’s cultural values on the European scene.

The Atelier’s work was presented by its Director Zoltan Bickei. He stated that Jozef Nadj, choreographer, director, performer and visual artist, has been working in France for 30 years now where he is a recognised author. His art relates not only to his native Kanjiza and the neighbouring areas, but the entire culture area of Vojvodina, Pannonia and central Europe as well. Also, he is inspired by Japanese performing traditions and the theatrical work of France and Latin America.

The Regional Creative Atelier bearing his name was founded in 2006 and is supported by the Serbian Ministry of Culture, Vojvodina Secretariat for Culture and the Municipality of Kanjiza, said Bickei.

Committee Chairperson Vesna Marjanovic said that the Committee had received an initiative by the Association of Theatre Critics and Theatrologists of Serbia to launch a procedure to award Jozef Nadj for his complete work spanning several decades. The explanation of the initiative states that Nadj is one of the most important authors in the sphere of performing arts from Serbia.

Vesna Marjanovic believes that the Committee will at one of the upcoming sittings rule on the matter and recognise the artist who had left an important mark on the world art scene.

Committee member Gorica Mojovic stressed that art from the territory of Serbia reaches the world scene primarily thanks to individual talent and work while the institutional and systematic presentation of Serbian culture is rare and tenuous. Jozef Nadj Regional Creative Atelier provides the correct example of how to present Serbian culture to the world and a true example of decentralised culture, stated Mojovic.

Deputy Nada Kolundzija stated that some people like Nadj create a better image of Serbian society in the world and the state, no matter how poor, should support them.

Provincial Secretary for Culture Milorad Djuric stressed that Kanjiza is an example of how small communities can undertake big projects. He pointed out that Nadj Atelier is a good model of sustainable development as it demonstrates an upward trend. In 2006, when it was founded it had about 10% of personal income, and now it has more than 60%.

After the sitting, Jozef Nadj and Anne-Sophie Lancelin performed a short play.

The Committee members were greeted by the Presidents of Kanjiza Municipal Assembly Mihalj Njilas and Regional Creative Atelier Executive Board Zoltan Balint.

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