Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Security Services Control Committee in Supervisory Visit to Security Information Agency

In accordance with its 2019 Activity Plan, the Security Services Control Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia conducted a supervisory visit to the Security Information Agency.

The Committee delegation was headed by Committee Chairman MA Igor Becic and comprised Committee members and deputy members Goran Pekarski, Jasmina Obradovic, Dr Predrag Jelenkovic and Nemanja Radojevic.

The Committee delegation focused on the latest security developments in the country and the region. In conversation with the Director and representatives of the Security Information Agency, the Committee delegation was briefed on the Agency’s investigation efforts into recent events of importance for the security and stability of the Republic of Serbia. Based on the insight into the Agency’s activities and the information gained from its personnel the Committee delegation concluded that the Agency is working in full capacity on the investigation of said developments in line with its authority.

In line with its duties as stipulated by the Law on the Bases Regulating Security Services of the Republic of Serbia, using random sample method, the Committee supervised the legality of the implementation of special procedures and measures outlined in the Law on the Security Information Agency, and the implementation of special evidentiary actions in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code. The Committee delegation found that the Security Information Agency had acted in line with the law and procedure.

In addition to the inspection of the legality of the Agency’s work, the Committee delegation also focused on examining the overall situation and technical readiness and talked with the Security Information Agency personnel about the conditions for an efficient performance of tasks within their purview. The personnel of the Security Information demonstrated a constructive and open approach during the Committee’s supervisory visit.

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