10 March 2018 Participants of the SEECP PA General Committee on Economy, Infrastructure and Energy Meeting in Istanbul

10 March 2018 Participants of the SEECP PA General Committee on Economy, Infrastructure and Energy Meeting in Istanbul

Monday, 12 March 2018

SEECP PA General Committee on Economy, Infrastructure and Energy Meeting in Istanbul

MP Marko Parezanovic, substitute member of the National Assembly’s standing delegation to the South East Europe Cooperation Process Parliamentary Assembly (SEECP PA), took part in the meeting of the SEECP PA General Committee on Economy, Infrastructure and Energy on 9-10 March 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. The topic of the meeting was “Economic Cooperation Prospects in SEE”.

The meeting was chaired by Cengiz Aydogdu, Chairman of the General Committee, and was attended by the representatives of the parliaments of Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia and the parliamentary representatives of Pristina.

The participants agreed that the following needs to be done: to implement joint economic cooperation projects in fields of energy, transportation and tourism; to pass the legislation needed to facilitate the economic activity of the SEECP participating countries; to intensify cooperation with international financial institutions and EU institutions; to analyse the investment conditions conducive to the involvement of the private sector; to initiate the signing of free trade agreements useful for the development of economic relations and trade as well as investment among the SEECP states; to support the organization of business forums with the participation of representatives of the private sector and entrepreneurs; to create the financial environment supportive of small and medium-sized enterprises and facilitate their sustainable development; to support the organization of an international conference with the participation of business people, experts and scientists dedicated to the current economic challenges and potentials of the SEECP participating countries and jointly investigate the options to improve interconnectivity in the fields of transport, telecommunications and development of infrastructure.

Marko Parezanovic said that the Western Balkans belongs in the European Union and its inclusion will complete the economic and political space on the European continent. More attention should be focused on new investments in order to efficiently intensify economic growth which in turn is not possible without the maintenance of regional stability and improvement of cooperation in the region. He emphasized the importance of CEFTA (Central European Free Trade Agreement) and presented the economic situation in the Republic of Serbia. He also spoke about the importance of the EU projects relating to the Republic of Serbia and the region. He stressed that Republic of Serbia is an active and credible partner in a series of regional initiatives and processes which are the formats it believes to promote cooperation in the region and well as with the European Union. He said that the National Assembly is interested in a more intensive exchange of experiences and best practice examples and is open to all other initiatives and suggestions which would contribute to the development of regional and economic cooperation.

At the end of the meeting the participants adopted a Resolution and Report to be ratified at the SEECP PA Plenary on 13-14 April in Ljubljana, to be attended by the heads of parliament of SEECP participating states. In the course of the adoption of the abovementioned documents all the amendments submitted by the Serbian delegation were accepted. It was concluded that the meeting was an excellent opportunity to review the region’s positive experiences which could contribute to the development of economic cooperation in SEE.

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