11 May 2016 Members of SDP PG and the Danish delegation

11 May 2016 Members of SDP PG and the Danish delegation

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

SDPS PG Members Talk to Danish Trade Union Representatives

The members of the SDPS Parliamentary Group met today with Danish trade union members to discuss social dialogue and the relationship between trade unions and the parliament.

On the behalf of the SDPS PG the meeting was attended by the Head and Deputy Head Dr Milorad Mijatovic and Milena Bicanin, SDPS PG members Ivan Bauer and National Assembly Deputy Speaker Prof. Dr Vladimir Marinkovic, and MP candidate Jasmina Karanac. The meeting focused on future cooperation, contributions to new communication between trade unions and parliamentarians, and the application of the Scandinavian model of such cooperation in Serbia.

The SDPS PG members said that their Parliamentary Group in the National Assembly and their party would continue the fight for the principles of freedom, justice and equality, as eternal principles worth fighting for, as well as policies leading to economic development, without neglecting workers and trade unions.

SDPS PG Deputy Head Milena Bicanin added that SDPS was part of the previous government and had 10 MPs in the National Assembly who tried to work professionally and responsibly, with an affirmative approach to the legislation that was passed, to make sure their model of social justice could be met, and will continue to do so in the future.

SDPS PG Head Dr Milorad Mijatovic said that SDPS is very interested in cooperating with the trade unions in the country and seeing the Scandinavian model of cooperation between trade unions and parties be transposed into the Serbian Parliament.

“I went from a trade union into politics. I believe that the trade unions should focus on the workers and employees, and political parties should focus on their job. SDPS will strive to meet the trade unions’ expectations and represent every unionist voice”, stressed Mijatovic.

He added that Denmark is a friendly country which supports Serbia’s path to the EU, which Serbia is most grateful for, and invited the Danish unionists to invest more into Serbia.

The delegation of Danish trade unions presented the basic principles they represent and the model they use to fight for workers’ rights. The political parties in Denmark can count on financial support from the trade unions in their election campaigns if they champion workers’ rights, not the rights of employees. Speaking of the challenges Danish trade unions currently face they mentioned the fight against the reduction of the already achieved workers’ rights and benefits, against increased unemployment among Danish youth, reduced investments into education and fight against social dumping. The unionists said that on that very day their country was engaged in three-partite negotiations on these issues, among the trade union president, Prime Minister and representatives of employers.

The Danish unionist delegation comprised representatives of the unionist party of social-democratic orientation, representative of the youth trade union, trade union representatives from several companies, and their host in Serbia, President of the Municipal Trade Union of Zrenjanin Nikola Kovacevic.

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