12 May 2011 Participants of the public hearing

12 May 2011 Participants of the public hearing

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Public Hearing Held on Bill on Financing Political Activities

The Justice and Administration Committee organised a public hearing on the Bill on Financing Political Activities, on 12 May, at the Small Hall of the National Assembly House.

The Justice and Administration Committee organised a public hearing on the Bill on Financing Political Activities, on 12 May, at the Small Hall of the National Assembly House.

The public hearing was attended by the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Prof. Dr Slavica Djukic-Dejanovic, Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic, Minister of Justice Snezana Malovic, representatives of the Anti-Corruption Agency, deputies, representatives of the non-governmental sector, domestic and international organisations, as well as scientific and expert public.

The participants were greeted by Bosko Ristic, Justice and Administration Committee Chairman, who said that the public hearing was organised so that the scientific and expert public and international organisations may have their say and propose the best possible solutions before the adoption of the law.

Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic said that the adoption of this law is one of the most important prerequisites for the continued European integrations process and Serbia’s European Union accession. The Bill enables the public to control the financing of political subjects and prevents the influence of informal centres of power which inappropriately influence the decision-making process. The law stipulates precise rules to prevent the influence of said centres of power on the political actors, and its adoption ensures that all political subjects gain the necessary instruments of labour under the same conditions, said the Prime Minister. According to Cvetkovic, preventing corruption in the sphere of party financing is extremely important as political parties are the most important organisations of the democratic order.

Minister of Justice Snezana Malovic stressed that the new law on financing political activities additionally regulates the democratic system in the land and realizes one of the Serbian Government’s main priorities, fight against corruption. The law introduces a number of innovations in the manner and control of the financing of political subjects and should render the work and financing of political parties transparent.

Presenting the new solutions before the deputies and representatives of non-governmental organisations and expert public, Snezana Malovic said that the Bill specifies the source and manner of financing of political subjects in their regular work and during pre-election campaigns, as well as more severe penalties. The opinions of the Venetian Commission, OSCE and the European Commission were obtained for the drafting of the new law and their suggestions were incorporated into the text of the law, while the task group who drafted the text of the law also took into consideration the practice of other countries and recommendations of a group of countries from the Council of Europe for the fight against corruption.

At the end of the public hearing, where the participants voiced their opinions, proposals and suggestions so as to improve the proposed solutions and vote for the best possible text of the law, Justice and Administration Committee Chairman Bosko Ristic thanked the participants for the constructive discussion and said that they can submit their proposals and suggestions in writing, up until the adoption of the law.

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