Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Obradovic and Kovacs Speak about Migrant Crisis in Europe at PACE

At the session in Strasbourg, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) discussed how to solve the migrant crisis in Europe and the challenges it poses to the transit countries. Members of the National Assembly Delegation Prof. Dr Zarko Obradovic and Elvira Kovacs took part in the debate.

Obradovic said that the issue of migration in the past month has become a problem common to the whole of Europe: “Europe, including migrants' destination countries and transit countries, faces an enormous problem. Serbia is on the so-called Balkan route for migrants. Between the beginning of the year and 21 September, Serbia registered almost 174 thousand people who entered its territory”, said Obradovic in his address.

He stressed that despite the many difficulties faced by Serbia, above all those related to the economy, it has shown a readiness to help migrants. “The Government reacted responsibly in the measures that it took, and the citizens provided support and assistance to migrants. Serbia has established several centres for the reception and accommodation of migrants and provided them with food and water, medical assistance, clothes and shoes”, said Obradovic emphasizing that not a single incident of violence or discrimination has been noted. He also mentioned the fact that despite all this Serbia has faced reactions that do not fit with European values in the 21st century, such as building walls at the border with Serbia, using teargas against migrants, closing borders for several days, using armed forces, preventing the movement of people and goods, blocking road and railway transport, discriminatory treatment of migrants and Serbian citizens, that threaten not only bilateral relations, but regional stability and economic co-operation.

Elvira Kovacs said that the Republic of Serbia is doing all in its power to fulfil its international obligations, at the same time implementing the national regulations governing the sphere. She said that Serbia is conducting serious structural reforms and facing many budgetary limitations, which makes this an added unplanned burden on the state.

“This is also a challenge and problem for all of Europe, one that can only be solved if we join efforts with our partners from all over the world. Considering the strategic, political and economic importance of our relationship with the EU it is clearly in our interest to cooperate with the European Union in the matter of migration management and asylum under the conditions set by Europe”, concluded Kovacs.

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