Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Ninth Sitting of the Election Campaign Supervisory Board

At the ninth sitting, held on 17 May 2022, the Election Campaign Supervisory Board considered certain issues, suggestions and proposals how to improve its operation in the next election cycle, namely: the Election Campaign Supervisory Board’s composition, duration of the term of office and competencies, the need to harmonise the terminology from the Law on the Election of MPs with sectoral laws, the need to conclude an agreement which determines the number and duration of programmes for the presentation of submitters of electoral lists, etc.

Following a discussion, the members unanimously decided that the Election Campaign Supervisory Board Activity Report adopted at the eighth sitting held on 19 April 2022 be supplemented with concrete proposals to add to its comprehensiveness and completeness.

The members of the Election Campaign Supervisory Board thanked the National Assembly Speaker and Secretary General for their assistance and support, as well as the National Assembly staff for their dedication, professionalism and expertise in the performance of duties for the need of this body.

The sitting was chaired by Election Campaign Supervisory Board Chairman Svetislav Goncic and attended by the following members of the Supervisory Board: Prof. Dr Branko M. Rakic, Prof. Dr Miodrag Savovic, Jelena Milenkovic-Orlic, Aleksandar Stamatovic, Samra Fetahovic and Boris Bajic.

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