12 February 2024 The First Meeting of the Convention for Strengthening Central European Initiative

12 February 2024 The First Meeting of the Convention for Strengthening Central European Initiative

Monday, 12 February 2024

National Assembly Takes Part in First Meeting of Convention for Strengthening Central European Initiative

The National Assembly took part in the First Meeting of the Convention for Strengthening Central European Initiative, held in Trieste on 12 February 2024.

The new geopolitical circumstances in Europe led to the need for the CEI member states’ stronger promotion of European integration as a more suited model for effectively dealing with the new developments. The high representatives of CEI Parliaments and Governments gathered for the inaugural meeting of the Convention marking a significant step forward in advancing the Organisation’s main mission which underscores a commitment to European integration and sustainable development across its Member States, and finding new solutions for action on the international level, especially with regard to the European integration of CEI member states that are candidates for EU membership.

In his address, MP Jovan Palalic pointed out that Serbia’s chief foreign policy objective is EU membership, and that the Central European Initiative can make a significant contribution to European integration, both for Serbia, whose process has been taking a very long time, and for the entire Western Balkans. He said that the CEI can be a great representative for candidate countries, and suggested that round tables be organised in the coming period to address the political problems faced by these countries, with the aim of finding an adequate solution. Palalic emphasised that the unity of CEI member countries can also serve as a strong political message to the international community about their joint commitment and that such a joint venture can contribute to the acceleration of the European integration process and facilitate the inclusion of the countries of the region in the European community. Palalic thanked Italy for its engagement in this process, its clear positions in support of the region's integration into the EU, as well as for the excellent organisation of the first meeting of the Convention the Strengthening CEI.

In addition to MP Jovan Palalic, Ambassador Milos Todorovic, Assistant Foreign Minister for the European Union, also attended the meeting as representative of the governmental dimension.

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