9 November 2021 The National Assembly Speaker at the public hearing on the budget

9 November 2021 The National Assembly Speaker at the public hearing on the budget

Tuesday, 9 November 2021

National Assembly Speaker at Public Hearing on Budget

The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Ivica Dacic spoke at the public hearing on “Presentation of the 2022 Budget and 2020 Budget Final Financial Statement”.


Dear Ms. Tomic,
Government representatives,
Fellow Members of Parliament,

First off, let me thank our Committee on Finance, State Budget and Control of Public Spending for organising this public hearing and continuing the series of this type of parliamentary work on the most important issues, and the budget is certainly one of our most important topics. This National Assembly legislature has established a very important practice that I am sure all future legislatures will keep, and that is to organise public hearings on the most important topics and laws put before the parliament, where, in addition to the MPs and government representatives, representatives of relevant professional associations, international organisations and civil society organizations can also have their say.

I would like to remind you that in the past year we have had a large number of public hearings, for example on laws in the field of mining, energy and environmental protection, digitalisation, and especially on the changes to the Constitution in the area of the judiciary. In this way, we have enriched the parliamentary practice, facilitated the work of the MPs and above all made a big step toward enhancing the transparency and democracy of the procedures in which the most important laws are passed. This is an important step forward in our work, as noted in important international reports such as the annual report of the European Commission and European Parliament resolutions, but the most important thing is that we will continue with this practice, hopefully in future parliamentary legislatures, because it enriches our parliamentary and democratic life.

As for our topic today, which is primarily next year’s budget, I can only express my satisfaction that this, in many ways, the most important law for every government and every parliament, has once again arrived on time and is comprehensive in its content, clear and presents in detail our, not only financial and developmental, but also overall policy for the next year.

Since the Government determined the budget proposal for next year, I have not heard any major objections to its structure or content, not even from those who would find a flaw in everything in this Government and this Parliament. This budget is the best mirror of our stable economic outlook and above all of our great developmental ambitions in the year ahead. I will agree with those who say that this budget is also aimed at raising our citizens’ standard, as can be seen in the series of planned incentives, primarily the increase in salaries and pensions. What is also extremely important, growth in public investments is also planned in the next year, which speaks volumes about the state’s commitment to the development of our capital systems.

The budget is a realistic reflection of our economic power, projected to grow by 4.5%, which after this year’s expected 7% clearly shows that our economy is healthy and that we have every reason to improve of our citizens’ financial position and invest in the largest projects.

I am sure that in the course of this discussion, you will consider the individual budgetary solutions and positions in more detail, and we will, as always, listen carefully to your comments and suggestions, so that we can be even more efficient and productive in the upcoming discussion.

I would like to once again thank the Committee and Ms. Tomic for organising this public hearing and I wish you successful work.

Thank you!

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