Thursday, 14 December 2017

National Assembly Speaker and Deputy Speakers on Open Parliament Blackout

We are shocked by the action of CRTA NGO and the decision to blackout the supposedly informative website Open Parliament who had closed its doors to the Serbian public feigning protest while obviously pursuing a political agenda.

To avoid any confusion, this website should be informative not just in name and according to the provisions of the Memorandum of Cooperation with the National Assembly which oblige it to respect the tenets of transparency, accountability and independence, but also according to the substantial funds it receives to purportedly be of service to the citizens and parliamentarism in Serbia, and not to pursue individual interests and clearly arbitrary, deceptive and biased estimation of parliamentary procedures, rights and duties.

However, what is strange even for this type of quasi-political game in Serbia, is such a clear pursuit of political interests under the guise of “moral concern” for democracy and its values.

We appeal to everyone, be they registered political subjects or not, to in the interest of the citizens of Serbia, democracy and truth they claim to uphold, in their actions and assessments respect at least the letter of the law, procedures and agreements if not their spirit.

We also urge CRTA NGO to submit a candidacy at the next parliamentary elections and put its “political” platform to the test instead of trying to deceive the citizens of Serbia.

National Assembly Speaker Maja Gojkovic
National Assembly Deputy Speaker Veroljub Arsic
National Assembly Deputy Speaker Vladimir Marinkovic
National Assembly Deputy Speaker Djordje Milicevic

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