18 September 2021 The participants of the Inter-Party Dialogue

18 September 2021 The participants of the Inter-Party Dialogue

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Inter-Party Dialogue: Improving conditions for political competition in Serbia

In the framework of the Inter-Party Dialogue, taking place in Belgrade on 17 and 18 September, a working document was agreed by the five co-facilitators of the process, Ivica Dacic, Speaker of the Narodna Skupština, Members of the European Parliament, Tanja Fajon and Vladimir Bilcik, as well as former Members Eduard Kukan and Knut Fleckenstein.

The working document contains 16 concrete and implementable measures. They reflect previous recommendations from the European Parliament, the European Commission, and OSCE/ODIHR, as well as the conclusions drawn from the wide-ranging consultations and discussions held so far in the context of the Dialogue process. Among the various agreed improvements are: the establishment of a temporary supervisory body in the field of media monitoring, including opposition representatives; the adoption of a binding rulebook for the national public broadcaster; a temporary change of the standing composition of the Republic Electoral Commission, by adding six additional members from the overall opposition in the country.

The co-facilitators of the Inter-Party Dialogue underlined that the full and timely implementation of the measures is of the utmost importance and should start without delay. To this end a detailed implementation table was agreed among the co-facilitators.

These measures constitute concrete steps towards a more level playing field in Serbian politics, and could increase trust and confidence in the electoral process. Also, the agreement reached among the co-facilitators underpins Serbia's commitment on its path towards EU Membership.

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