Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hundred and Eighth Sitting of the Administrative Committee

At the sitting held on 21 December, the Administrative Committee considered the opinion of the Ministry of Finance on the National Assembly’s 2012 Budget Proposal which stated that the part relating to the allotment of funds for electoral activities relating to the election of the President of the Republic could not be accepted. Based on the opinion, the Committee unanimously formulated an amended National Assembly’s 2012 Budget Proposal.

The Committee considered the Proposal of the National Assembly Secretary General for the appointment of civil servants to the position of Assistant National Assembly Secretary General - head of the Legislation Sector, Assistant National Assembly Secretary General - head of the National Assembly Facilities Maintenance Sector and Assistant National Assembly Secretary General - head of the General Affairs Sector. The Committee members decided to adopt the appropriate documents on the appointment of Mirjana Radakovic, Milan Brzakovic and Milivoje Vicentijevic to the post of Assistant National Assembly Secretary General.

At the sitting, the Administrative Committee also considered the Secretary General’s Proposal for the payment of a lump sum financial assistance to the employees at the National Assembly Service and granted consent for the payment of 25 thousand RSD to the employees whose personal income is below the republic median income.

The sitting was chaired by the Committee Chairman, Nenad Konstantinovic.

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