15 February 2020 The National Assembly Speaker at the celebration of Statehood Day in Orasac

15 February 2020 The National Assembly Speaker at the celebration of Statehood Day in Orasac

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Gojkovic at Ceremony in Orasac: Serbian People Will Never Relinquish Its Freedom

The Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia Maja Gojkovic and the Speaker of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Cubrilovic laid wreaths at the monument to Karadjordje in Orasac as part of the ceremony in celebration of Serbia’s Statehood Day - Sretenje (Candlemas).

Gojkovic congratulated Statehood Day to the citizens of Serbia, stating that by celebrating Sretenje, one of the most important dates in Serbia’s recent history, we celebrate freedom and our people’s infinite desire to live in its own house.

Gojkovic said that the road to freedom and renewal of the Serbian state started in Orasac, the place we stand in today with pride and dignity, and the fire of freedom that led us through many a hard time, still burns to this day.

Gojkovic said that in the fateful year of 1804, just over a decade after the French revolution, the First Serbian Uprising sounded the beginning of the era of national liberation throughout Europe, after which the Serbian people, in its own state and the whole territory it lives on, has and would never again let itself be conquered or relinquish its freedom.

The Serbian Assembly Speaker said that the gathering in Orasac paved the road to freedom and set the cornerstone of all the assemblies to come, including the Grand National Assembly in Kragujevac 30 years later, on Sretenje 1835, when Serbia got its first constitution – Sretenje Constitution, one of the most democratic and liberal constitutions of the time.

Gojkovic said that today our people have to face many challenges, wisely just like 216 years ago and many times in our history, and our people was then, just like in modern times, led by the enduring value of freedom. “To protect our freedom and independence grounded in principled policy and military neutrality, we have to continue to develop our state. Today, thanks to the politics of our president Aleksandar Vucic, we are a politically and economically stable state, respected in the world, a state that patiently renews old and builds new friendships both in the East and the West” said Gojkovic.

In these times, full of challenges, we need Karadjordje’s courage to pursue an independent policy and defend our people’s right to make its own decisions, as well as Milos’ wisdom, Gojkovic said, adding that that we strive to empower and strengthen Serbia, to preserve its territorial integrity and sovereignty, and take care of our people wherever they might live, the Republic of Srpska, Montenegro or the whole region. Gojkovic said that today’s meeting of President Aleksandar Vucic with Serbs in the region demonstrates that as well.

The Parliament Speaker said that Serbia is developing faster than at any other time in modern history, has managed to tackle its financial problems through difficult reforms and is now strengthening its economy experiencing significant economic growth, rising employment rates and foreign investments.

“That is why we now have a more secure and safe future”, said Gojkovic adding that Milos the Great highway is the symbol of a developing Serbia and reminding everyone of the President’s words that the decision was made to start the preparatory drafting of project documentation to build a highway to bear the name of Karadjordje to connect the heart of Sumadija with the rest of the country and develop the whole of Sumadija.

Gojkovic said that this gives us the opportunity to focus on the development and improvement of education, science and innovation as the key factors of economic, social and overall development of any modern country, adding that schools are the places where the future is made and it is essential to create an environment where children can attend school, both in Sumadija and the whole state, and to stay in Serbia.

“To preserve our country, the free country that our ancestors fought for and won, dreamed and created, we have to first save the people and stop its disappearance”, said Gojkovic.

The Assembly Speaker said that the most important task is to build a modern and rich Serbia that can take on any future challenges.

“We know that history obliges us and we also know that we are creating history today. We will do all we can to make sure our future victories are won in peace and will not allow ourselves to be led astray from the road of development and progress by those who do not have our or its own people’s good at heart. The freedom we enjoy has to be crowned with the wellbeing our people has long earned with its hard and smart work, not only because of the battles and victories of our ancestors, but because of our children’s future victory”, Gojkovic said.

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