Thursday, 5 March 2020

37th Sitting of the Security Services Control Committee

At the sitting held on 4 March 2020, the Security Services Control Committee considered and adopted the Inspector General of the Ministry of Defence Services Activity Report for the period 1 July – 31 December 2019.

The Committee assessment of the Inspector General’s actions was positive and its members stressed that this type of control over the Ministry of Defence services contributes to the improvement of the legality and regularity of their operation. The Committee fully supports the Inspector General’s supervision and control over the work of the Ministry of Defence security services. In the reporting period the Inspector General realized all the scheduled and extraordinary tasks in full and duly cooperated with the Military Intelligence and Military Security agencies which, in the Committee members’ opinion, improved the quality, efficiency, legality and regularity of the services’ work.

The Committee went on to ascertain the Report on supervisions of security services’ activities conducted in 2019. The Report states that in the realization of their tasks, the Republic of Serbia security services act professionally and in line with the law and their authority. Also, all relevant findings, assessments and analyses of security challenges, risks and threats had been forwarded to the relevant authorities in a timely manner. In the course of their supervisory visits the to the security services, the Committee members ascertained that there had been no omissions or irregularities in the implementation of special procedures and measures for the covert collection of data as stipulated by law.

As regards the most recent allegations of certain opposition leaders, the members of the Security Services Control Committee fully support the members of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Ministry of the Interior who perform their tasks duly and dutifully, in line with the law. The Committee members warned that hasty and unsubstantiated allegations of certain leaders of the opposition can harm the security of the Republic of Serbia and its citizens and expect an adequate reaction of the authorities toward any individual, regardless of profession or political affiliation.

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