Tuesday, 30 July 2013

28th Sitting of the Environmental Protection Committee

At the sitting held on 30 July, the Environmental Protection Committee reviewed the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection Activity Information for the period February - April 2013.

Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection Zorana Mihajlovic shared the Ministry’s most important activities in the period February - April 2013, with the legislative activity as the most important among them, and informed the Committee members that the drafting of the amendments and modifications to several laws within the Ministry’s scope should be completed by the end of August. Minister Mihajlovic informed the Committee members that a sanitary landfill has been opened in Pirot and the Ministry has set up an “ecophone” for reporting any environmental protection irregularities. She also said the Ministry plans to open a National Chemical Laboratory.
The Committee members had questions about the water, air and soil monitoring in Zajaca and the control of blood lead levels in children, as well as the cooperation with other ministries on the issue. Minister Mihajlovic explained that Zajaca’s biggest problem is soil pollution, explaining that the air quality measuring posts had been out of commission for a while due to malfunctions, but that monitoring has once again been resumed.
The Committee members also had questions about ionising and non-ionising radiation protection.
At the sitting, representative of the Belgrade Open School Mirko Popovic, who took the post of “Green Chair”, asked the Ministry representatives about the role of civil society in the drafting of laws and development of Serbia’s energy strategy. He also pointed out the need to improve communication between the executive power and the civil sector.
The sitting was also attended by Filip Radovic, Environmental Protection Agency Director, Sladjana Velinov, Ionising Radiation Protection Agency Director and Aleksandar Dragisic, Director of the Institute for Nature Conservation.
After the debate, the Committee decided to accept the Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection Activity Information for the period February - April 2013.

The sitting was chaired by Milica Vojic Markovic, Committee Chairperson.

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