Thursday, 17 October 2013

24th Sitting of the European Integration Committee

At the sitting of the European Integration Committee held on 17 October, the Head of the European Union Delegation to Serbia, Michael Davenport, presented the European Commission 2013 Progress Report on Serbia.

Davenport said that the Report is a comprehensive document which offers an analysis of the situation in areas necessitating reform and points out areas requiring future attention. He stressed that the National Assembly plays a key role in the implementation of the European integration process, especially when it comes to presenting the process to the citizens of Serbia.
As Davenport said in his address to the Committee members, the Report notes significant progress in the judiciary, fight against corruption and organised crime, anti-discrimination, minority rights and public administration reform. Considerable progress has also been achieved in the preparation of certain strategies and action plans, some of which had been adopted by the National Assembly. Davenport opined that the Report is favourable for Serbia, proceeding to show support for the country’s continued progress and advancement in the upcoming EU accession process.
Discussing the Report, the Committee members had a number of questions for the Head of the European Union Delegation to Serbia, mostly about the rule of law, privatisation of local media, law regulating the work of national minority councils, women’s and human rights and gender equality and environmental protection policy.

This sitting was chaired by Committee Chairperson Natasa Vuckovic.

After the sitting, European Integration Committee Chairperson Natasa Vuckovic and the Head of the European Union Delegation to Serbia, Michael Davenport addressed the media.

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