Wednesday, 29 March 2023

23rd Sitting of the Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues

At the sitting held on 29 March 2023, the members of the Committee on Administrative, Budgetary, Mandate and Immunity Issues considered the resignation tendered to the post of MP by Nenad Filipovic, elected from the Electoral List IVICA DACIC – PRIME MINISTER OF SERBIA.

The Committee Chairman proposed submitting a report informing the National Assembly that said situation falls under Article 131, paragraph 2, item 6 of the Law on Election of MPs which lists resignation as a reason for the termination of an MP’s term of office with the proposal that the National Assembly note the termination of the term of office of MP Nenad Filipovic.

The Committee went on to review and give a positive opinion to the request submitted by Minister of Domestic and Foreign Trade Tomislav Momirovic, to assume another public office, that of representative of the Republic of Serbia in the Assembly of SERBIA CHINA INDUSTRIAL PARK “MIHAJLO PUPIN“, BELGRADE LTD.

The sitting was chaired by Committee Chairman Milenko Jovanov, and attended by the following Committee members and deputy members: Svetozar Vujacic, Milosav Milojevic, Dr Ugljesa Mrdic, Janko Veselinovic, Djordje Komlenski, Radmila Vasic, Aleksandar Mirkovic, Vojislav Mihailovic, Dr Dragana Rakic, Miroslav Aleksic, Radovan Arezina, Dr Vesna Ivkovic, Dragana Miljanic, Aleksandar Markovic, Dragana Radinovic and Zivota Starcevic.

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