Friday, 25 October 2013

18th Sitting of the Health and Family Committee

At the sitting held on 24 October, the Health and Family Committee adopted the Ministry of Health Activity Information for the period April-June and July-September 2013, presented by Minister of Health Slavica Djukic Dejanovic.

She gave a short overview of the Ministry’s normative activity and informed the Committee members that the draft laws on records and infective diseases are almost completed. Djukic Dejanovic stressed that the reconstruction of clinical centres is underway and will be conducted in stages, at the same time highlighting the intensive efforts expended on the synchronised cross linking of services at the local level for the introduction of electronic medical records and electronic prescriptions. She added that the number of inspectors controlling the safety of medicines needs to be increased. Regarding the doctors’ outside employment, Djukic Dejanovic said that the Ministry believed this should be rescinded and announced a public debate on the issue.
Committee Chairman Prof. Dr Dusan Milisavljevic suggested that patient screenings should be regulated by law, while the Committee members discussed the waiting lists of patients suffering from malignant diseases, correct functioning of mammographs, drafting of a rulebook regulating the nostrification of diplomas and showed particular interest in the allocation of heath care donation funds in the period 2000-2012. The Committee members agreed that this issue should be the topic of one of the Committee’s future sittings.
The Minister of Health suggested that the use of genetically modified food and its impact on human health should be discussed in a public hearing attended by the Health and Family Committee, as well as the committees in charge of science, agriculture and the environment.

The sitting was chaired by Prof. Dr Dusan Milisavljevic, Committee Chairman.

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