Monday, 17 May 2021

14th Sitting of the European Integration Committee

At the sitting held on 17 May 2021, the European Integration Committee considered in principle the Bill amending and modifying the Anti-Discrimination Law and the Bill on Gender Equality.

The bills were presented by representatives of the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, State Secretary Mina Rolovic Jocic and Assistant Minister Nina Mitic, who said that both of them were harmonised with European directives and comply with the Constitution and legal system of Serbia.

The amendments to the Anti-Discrimination Law concern breaking down prejudices and preventing unjust, covert or open discrimination against persons or groups based on race, colour, nationality, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation and disability, said the Assistant Minister.

The Bill on Gender Equality means equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities, equal participation and balanced representation of women and men in all areas of social life, equal opportunities to exercise rights and freedoms, to use personal knowledge and abilities for personal and social development, as well as to achieve equal work-related benefits, while respecting the different interests, needs and priorities of women and men when making public and other policies and deciding on the rights, duties and law-based provisions, as well as constitutional provisions, said the Ministry representative.

The Committee members unanimously proposed that the National Assembly accept the Bill amending and modifying the Anti-Discrimination Law and the Bill on Gender Equality, in principle.

The sitting was chaired by Committee Chairperson Elvira Kovacs, and attended by the following Committee members and deputy members: Samira Cosovic, Milan Ilic, Ljiljana Malusic, Viktor Jevtovic, Ana Miljanic, Stanislava Janosevic, Dijana Radovic, Milan Radin, Nemanja Joksimovic, Vesna Markovic, Ana Pesic and Dusica Stojkovic.

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