Wednesday, 7 November 2018

10th Sitting of the Committee on Kosovo-Metohija

After the completion of the sitting held on 7 November 2018 and closed to the public in line with the provisions of the National Assembly Rules of Procedure, the Chairman of the Committee on Kosovo-Metohija Milovan Drecun issued the following statement:

“The Committee on Kosovo-Metohija reviewed the Information of the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Defence, Security Information Agency, Military Intelligence Agency and the Military Security Agency on the current security situation in Kosovo-Metohija and the security of the Serbian people in the southern Province.

After a detailed analysis of the situation in Kosovo-Metohija it was concluded that the security situation is relatively stable, but very complex and sensitive.

There are serious indicators of possible threats stability and safety of the Serbian people the reasons for which are the general dissatisfaction of the population with the political and economic situation in Kosovo-Metohija, high interethnic tensions, complex political situation, which are elements which could in the upcoming period have a very negative impact on the security in Kosovo-Metohija, especially the security of the Serbian people. New one-sided actions by Pristina which could endanger the security of Serbs are possible, while Pristina’s constant efforts to put the north of Kosovo-Metohija under its control are a constant security risk.

The planned transformation of the so-called Kosovo security forces into “Kosovo Army” is unacceptable and extremely destabilizing, as is the pressure on Serbian individuals to join or remain in that formation. Such an armed formation is directly contrary to the UNSC Resolution 1244 and the Kosovo “Constitution” and so it has no legality of legitimacy. The planned formation will be a maximum security threat factor for the Serbian people, thwart any attempts to calm international tensions and destabilize the situation in Kosovo-Metohija, as well as regional stability.

Pristina’s attempts to have Kosovo join INTERPOL will remain a particular risk in the upcoming period, which, if successful, would result in a slew of charges and warrants against Serbs.

Serbs south of Ibar lead very difficult lives, almost completely devoid of freedom, their security and movement are jeopardized. There have been many attacks and provocations by Albanians against the Serbian population and more than 40 ethnically motivated attacks against Serbs and their property had been registered since June alone.

Albanian political leaders’ aggressive rhetoric against Belgrade officials and intensive media campaign and fabrication of fake news which only add to the rising tensions cause unrest among the Serbian people and are one more factor threatening security.

The presence and activity of Wahhabi-Salafi groups has been noted, which are active from positions of radical Islam and whose priority target is the Serbian people in Kosovo-Metohija. An increased intelligence actions by some Western agencies especially in the north of Kosovo-Metohija has also been noted, with the intention of spreading disinformation and lies to win Serbs over for cooperation and participation in the so-called Kosovo security forces and pull them further away from Belgrade.

The Committee on Kosovo-Metohija appeals to the Albanian political structures not to resolve the difficult economic problems by completely baselessly shifting the responsibility for the situation to the Serbian people and Belgrade thus radicalizing the Albanian population against the Serbs, but rather to work on improving the economic situation and combating organized crime, terrorism and the widespread corruption.

In line with this, we denounce the decision of the provisional institutions of self-government in Pristina to impose new taxes on goods coming into Kosovo-Metohija from central Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and we ask them to allow the free flow of people and goods as previously agreed.

We believe that the Albanian community in Kosovo-Metohija is the one most responsible for the security of the Serbian people so we ask the Albanian community and Albanian political parties to show readiness and dedicate themselves to coming up with a responsible compromise solution with the Belgrade officials.”

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