16 October 2015 “Week of Parliamentarism” – opening ceremony

16 October 2015 “Week of Parliamentarism” – opening ceremony

Friday, 16 October 2015

“Week of Parliamentarism” Opened at National Assembly House

Today, the National Assembly House hosted the opening ceremony of the “Week of Parliamentarism”.

Addressing the guests, National Assembly Speaker Maja Gojkovic said she was pleased to be opening the “Week of Parliamentarism” at the National Assembly House, held for the first time in Serbia this year and modelled after the UK Parliament’s “Parliament Week”, launched in 2011.

“Since the parliament is the central institution of every democratic system and the place demonstrating the citizens’ will it has to be strong and efficient, as well as open and transparent, which our parliament is. That is the only way it can instil trust in the citizens”, said the National Assembly Speaker. She stressed that, this year, 40 organisations joined the “Week of Parliamentarism”, hoping that every successive year will attract more partners and that the “Week of Parliamentarism” will become a tradition.

UK Ambassador to Serbia, H.E. Denis Keefe said that the “Week of Parliamentarism” is a truly significant result of the cooperation between the National Assembly and the civil society, first of all CRTA. This programme was launched in the UK four years ago with the goal to connect the different activities, initiatives and projects affirming democracy and transparency of institutions, and to inspire the citizens to take active part in the political processes.

The Director of the USAID Mission to Serbia Azza El-Abd emphasised the importance of civic education taught in the US as one of the cornerstones of democratic society.

Vukosava Crnjanski, Director of the Centre for Research, Transparency and Accountability (CRTA) and representative of the Open Parliament initiative, said that the National Assembly’s partnership and cooperation with different institutions and organisations during this week will make sure the citizens’ voice is heard and establish better communication between the parliament and the citizens.

The opening ceremony of the “Week of Parliamentarism” also included the photo exhibition titled “National Assembly through the eye of the media”, consisting of the photographs taken by the media houses following the work of the National Assembly.

The “Week of Parliamentarism” is being organised for the first time in Serbia as a partnership of the National Assembly and the Open Parliament initiative, with the support of the UK Embassy in Belgrade, USAID and UNDP. The “Week of Parliamentarism” is a series of events to be organised throughout Serbia such as debates, session simulations, forums, roundtables, street actions and similar, aimed at connecting the citizens of Serbia with the National Assembly and familiarising them with the Assembly’s work, as well as including the citizens in the democratic processes. Over 40 partners applied to take part in the organisation of events within the “Week of Parliamentarism”, among them civil society organisations, faculties and student organisations, elementary and high schools.

The opening ceremony was attended by MPs, the Commissioner for Protection of Equality, representatives of the diplomatic corps, City administration, civil sector and other public figures.

Click here to watch the opening ceremony.

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