Friday, 27 January 2017

WWII Crimes Must Not Be Forgotten and New Generations Must Keep Memory of Holocaust Victims, Says Omerovic

On 27 January, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Chairman of the Committee on Human and Minority Rights and Gender Equality Meho Omerovic stressed that the crimes of WWII must not be forgotten and the new generations must keep the memory of the Holocaust victims.

Today, we remember the past and the victims of a criminal ideology, we remember their suffering in the concentration camps, we think of the generations exposed to murder and total annihilation.

At the same time, we join the victims of exile, murder, attack and discrimination in the modern world.

That is why it is our duty to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive so that the past does not repeat itself, so that the generations to come create a world where differences and human dignity are respected.

Serbia itself went through periods of war, exle and suffering for a lot of its citizens. That is why it is our duty to keep the memory of the tragic fate of the victims of the Nazi concentration camps in Serbia in WWII and cultivate the spirit of solidarity and compassion for people suffering just because they were born Jewish, Roma, Serbian or members of another nation.

Commemorating this day we should oppose the relativization of these crimes which questions or even negates the Holocaust, and condemn all attacks incited by race, religion or ethnicity which are still present in today’s world.

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