Thursday, 28 September 2006

81st sitting of the Administrative Committee

On 28 September, the Administrative Committee held a sitting chaired by its vice-chairman, Petar Cvetkovic.

On 28 September, the Administrative Committee held a sitting chaired by its vice-chairman, Petar Cvetkovic.

The sitting saw discussion on the Proposal of the Decision Amending and Modifying the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, proposed on 26 September by deputy Predrag Markovic.

Presenting his proposal, Mr Markovic underlined that the adoption of the National Assembly Decision on 5 June 2006 meant that the Serbian National Assembly had taken over responsibilities previously held by the Parliament of Serbia and Montenegro; the proposed amendments to the Rules of Procedure were, therefore, intended to allow it to fully assume its duties.

Markovic emphasised that the amendments and modifications would extend the powers of several Assembly committees, define the field of National Assembly co-operation with other national parliaments, the participation of its officials in international organisations and missions, as well as the procedure of ratifying international treaties and agreements.

Another new feature of the Rules of Procedure is the ability for the Assembly to hold a ‘special sitting’, ceremonial or formal in character.

Markovic added that a number of employees of the former State Union Parliament had been transferred to the National Assembly to ensure the new powers are implemented properly, as well as that the former State Union Parliament Building has, after its takeover by the Serbian Assembly, become Assembly House. He specially stressed the important contribution made by the National Assembly Support Service and the secretary of the Administrative Committee in fully implementing the assumed powers.

After the introductory address, the Committee unanimously endorsed the Proposal of the Decision, along with amendments submitted by deputies Meho Omerovic and Ljiljana Nestorovic, as well as deputy Milos Aligrudic. The Committee also proposed that the text be revised from a legal and technical standpoint.

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